Plate 29cm white Floret

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Plate 29cm white Floret is available to buy in increments of 4
The items from the Floret collection exude a rustic charm. The subtle relief of a flower gives the collection a unique look. Romantic and elegant, this porcelain dinnerware is available in both matte white and bronze. Above this, all items are finished with a reactive glaze. This reactive glaze creates different color nuances for every product. Each item thus becomes a unique work of art that forms a beautiful backdrop for delicious delicacies in a very special way.
Product Specifications

SKU : 783601

Brand : Chic

Product Range : Floret

Product Type : Plate

Diameter : 29.00 cm

Width : 29.00 cm

Height : 3.50 cm

Content : 0 l

Material : Porcelain

Finish : Reactive glazing

Color : White

Shape : Round

Giftbox : No

Usage : Dishwasher safe, Microwave oven safe, Food safe

Care Instructions

It is important to bear in mind that after use gray cutlery marks can appear on this tableware collection. Fortunately, these gray marks do not appear in the item or the glaze itself, but on the glaze. We’re thus talking about stripes, not scratches. This implicates that it is possible to remove them.

How can you prevent gray cutlery marks?

The marks left behind on your dinnerware are often a light, silvery gray, but they may also be more like black. These marks may appear on your tableware any time metal rubs against the surface. The simple act of cutting your food or even rubbing the plate with a spoon or fork leaves a metal deposit on the plate. In addition, it is recommended not to put items from this collection in the dishwasher at the same time as metal objects such as pans or cutlery. This way, so-called “metal marking” is limited.

How do you remove grey flatware marks?

The marks can be removed by means of a mild ceramic hob cleaner. Another option is the use of a Wonder Sponge.