Porcelain is a special type of ceramic material. It is primarily made of kaolin, a resilient type of white clay, mixed with feldspar and quartz.

The firing temperature of 1250 - 1300 degrees Celsius is higher as that for stoneware. This leads to a hard (non-porous) finished product that produces a very clear sound. Glazed porcelain is fired at an even higher temperature, up to 1350 °C. This is a very durable and highly shock-resistant type of porcelain, which is why it is often used in hotels and restaurants.

The black colored and beige speckled 'Livelli' items are made of mass colored porcelain. Thanks to this unique feature, there won't appear any discoloration in case of chipping.

The following ranges are made of porcelain: Cala, Concha, Jade, Livelli, Perla Gold, Unda, Verso Black