Plate 21cm white Classico


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Classico consists of 3 different colours: white, royal blue and metallic black. This colour scheme will add subtle personality to your table, without overpowering your dishes. When paired, these 3 tones create an absolutely stunning contrast with each other, resulting in a modern and crisp setting. It’s a classic combination that will make any table fresher, cleaner and more inviting. As the name suggests, Classico resembles a classic shape that never goes out of style. Its clean and perfectly balanced form is perfect for everyday use, as well as special occasions. The items are available in different sizes allowing you to serve your dishes on the most suitable plate.

Just like the white Perla and Verso items, all white Classico items are made of the unique SiloxiHT material. The hardness of the material improves the durability of the products and its lightness helps reduce the carbon footprint of daily operations. The black and blue variations are the result of a combination of lightweight porcelain with a reactive glaze.

SKU: 780200
Product Range: Classico
Product Material: Porcelain, Siloxiht porcelain
Product Shape: Round
Product Type: Plate
Color: White
This product is available for purchase in increments of 4 only.