Plate 21cm white Facet


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For the creation of its Facet collection, CHIC focused mainly on the importance of function and aesthetic values. Tactile characteristics fulfill the timeless designed items, giving them an extra dimension. The geometric shaped relief catches the light and creates an interesting play with shadows, causing beautiful effects that will highlight each dish served. The innovating and playful hints determine the atmosphere at the table, without taking over. Just like the Perla, Classico and Verso collections, this highly versatile collection is also made out of the SiloxiHT formula, which allows the product to be thinner, more durable, lighter in weight and more translucent than any other porcelain product. The beautiful shiny off-white glaze encourages the finesse of the collection.

SKU: 783550
Product Range: Facet
Product Material: Porcelain, Siloxiht porcelain
Product Shape: Round
Product Type: Plate
Color: White
This product is available for purchase in increments of 4 only.